About Caroline Butler

Caroline was born in Thunder Bay, ON, and bounced around between the Kootenay Region of BC, Fredericton, NB, and Vancouver Island before finally settling in Calgary in 2001. Her physical travels are nothing compared to her mental ones and though her creative outlets vary, they all come back to a love of discovery. With a mechanical engineer for a father and a hairdressing mother, Caroline grew up recognizing that creativity could be discovered in any number of places, and the more unsuspected, the better. Caroline spent two years in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Victoria before pursuing art independently through classes and workshops. Her current mediums of choice are oils and block printing, with a focus on whimsical still life and "less than cuddly" creatures. Caroline's work can be found in collections throughout western Canada, though a few pieces have made it overseas.

Artist Statement

Whimsybotical and the robot series came about as a happy result of asking "what if" when I was hunting for objects to practice still life painting. I've always been a fan of both art and science, so my partner's retro-robot collection seemed like a fun experiment to paint from life. What started out as still life "portraits" of his collection mutated into a series of "what ifs": What if this robot likes to garden? What if that one wore a Stetson? What if octopuses like to do more than just hang out on the ocean floor and pounce on unsuspecting mollusks? The result is a whimsical collection of characters and their unusual adventures. 

Recent Exhibitions

October 2015 to 2019 - Calyx Distinctive Arts Fall Show - Calgary, AB

June 2018 to 2019 - Art for the Artist in You - Framed on Fifth Gallery - Calgary, AB

September 2016 - Whimsybotical - Framed on Fifth Gallery - Calgary, AB

April 2013 - Calyx Distinctive Arts - Calgary, AB

March 2012 - Without Words - Framed on Fifth Gallery - Calgary, AB

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